Capella Johannea // 29.04.14 // Opening night

We wanted to make the first event with ETE supper club a memorable evening. Our grand vision is to create social dinners, where good people enjoy good food in untraditional settings. And where beautiful table settings, cool soundtracks and perfectly dimmed lights – as well as the food – bring people closer to each other.

Memorable it was; we staged out our very first supper club in a church!

Skjermbilde 2014-04-07 kl. 23.03.15.png

A long table stretches across the floor. Above, a large chandelier shining warm light over the minimalistic tablesetting. Green carnations and thistle reminds us of the sprouting season we are about to enter.

Checking the time, checking Instagram (hey…@etesupperclub). We were all nervous and stoked at the same time. 

Minutes before 19:00 our guests started showing up at Majorstuen Torg. Smiling, full of anticipation and with bottles of wine along for the ride. Greeted with homemade green kale chips (which took 3 hours due to vast amounts), the guests mingle among each other.

-       How many people will there be?

-       Where is it?

-       What will be served?

Many-a-questions and not so many answers, the crowd is led up Kirkeveien. Past McDonalds (of course), nibbling green snacks and getting new friends.  

A few minutes later we cross the streets, climb the small stairs and enter Majorstuen church. Our guests don’t quite know what to expect.

Coats are hung and wines are put in coolers. Curious and maybe even a little skeptic our guests are led into one of Oslo’s hidden gems. Capella Johannea, a small chapel with arc ceiling, all covered in frescos from the book of revelations. Per Vigeland – the brother of Gustav Vigeland – performed this work inspired by the Sistine Chapel in Rome. Sparkling welcome drinks travel throughout the room.

Seated and welcomed our own ETE-member, and chef on the first event, Julie Chiku brings up the first dish: halibut ceviche, marinated in freshly squeezed lime, served with spring onions, radishes and salmon roe. Fellow foodies find each other over shared plates.

 Including Julies assistant, Asta, we are eight people on duty at this first event. Øystein is the butler for the evning, Torkjell runs inn and out with water and wines, Ingvild and Mia jugles serving and cleaning, Stephan assists in the kitchen (with a mean handle on the oysters!), and Mari makes sure the schedule is being held.

To our great comfort, the guests are picking up small talk like pros – from our headquater in the basement we hear laughter and cutlery rattle. After two days of heavy preparation we breathe a sigh of relief and make several toasts between the dishes. High five to ETE!

- Not only do we have a great cook today, we also have a great singer at the table, Øystein says. Linnea Dale is about to impress heavily doing three of her own songs – one them taking her to the MGP finals in Norway.

Her voice fills the chapel, enchanting everyone of us.

Cool Fine de Claire oysters are brought up from the kitchen. Each guest are handed one – some try oyster for the very first time.  

Shortly followed by the main course, a dinner salad with red and green fresh salads, puy lentils, haricot verts, shallots, skjørost-cheese, hot smoked salmon and pomegranate kernels. Accompanied by mustard vinaigrette.

By the time for the dessert, the ETE-crew is more than ready to join in on the table. We thank the guests for coming, for the good food by Julie and for the help of her lovely assistant, Asta. 

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All photos by Torunn Brånå

All photos by Torunn Brånå