Ete + Green Bonanza + Restaurant Day

In the beginning, before Ete Supper Club fused into the food scene of Oslo,  founders Mari, Ingvild and Øystein shared a workspace at the tip of Grünerløkka. Back in the days we just simply called it ”Kontoret” (The Office), and to many of us it was the first big step towards grown up life. Spring of 2016 is the last of “Kontoret”, unfortunately. It has been six great years!


Anything could happen at “Kontoret”, so on the 21. November, on Restaurant day, we teamed up with also-member Mia Frogner, to serve a dish from her beloved Green Bonanza blog, the much sought after, wintery warm, vegan lentil soup! Torkjell also joined in and served plenty of portions to hungry people.

Almost a hundred portions were prepared and served in the tiny, but flexible office space by Ms. Green Bonanza, only with the assistance of a few co-members from ETE.

We felt it was a proper send off, a small L'Ultima Cena for “Kontoret”. The last supper, as depicted by Da Vinci, only this time, our skillful photographer Morten Harnang was to be credited.

You’re right, it obviously wasn’t an event of biblical proportions. (We already did that sort of thing, as our first event tok place in a chapel in Majorstua kirke) But our guests did at least share some bread this time! One of ETEs core beliefs is that eating and drinking is a fundamentally social happening, and that it ought to include and embrace different people in a given (and giving!) context.

And with people we also mean children, of course! Kids can be hard to satisfy when it comes to food, but not this time around: ”Can I have another one?”, one of them asked. Over and over again.

That is the reason why we make an effort with ETE, we try to inspire, include and put that smile on people’s faces.