White Light Studios // 04.10.14 // ETE goes Peruvian

On Saturday October 4th ETE brought forces together with White Light Studios and the not-yet-opened-but-already-super-popular-restaurant Piscoteket, and created a minimalistic, Peruvian night at Tøyen.

All photos by Brian Olguin

All photos by Brian Olguin

 ETE is all about secrets. We love that our guests know next to nothing about what, how and where they will spend their Saturday evening. Mysteries are a rare commodity these days. Not much goes by without being googled or cross-checked with Wikipedia. And all though we had dropped the name and genre of this night’s event, we still had some jokers up our sleeves.

- Meet up at Tøyen torg, our email said. A little behind schedule Ingvild and Mia enters the square on Tøyen torg only to find a beautiful bunch of people. Well dressed and already chatting along. Suck a reassuring checkpoint of the evening. Our lateness was to be blamed on our first serving for the evening: Tamales, classic Peruvian street food in form of bread baked in corn leafs. They just wouldn’t go with the clock, those tamales.  


Tøyen is known for it multi-ethnicity and diverse population. Not necessarily for its many restaurants, but still, if you take a stroll though this part of Oslo, you are guaranteed the smell of passionate cocking and worldly scents. You might even be invited in for dinner.

 Our long stretched table is this time situated in a large photo studio with six-meter high walls. Thirty seating’s are lid up by 50 floating lights, creating an intimate sphere in the white box. A large image of the legendary Peruvian photographer Martin Chambi is projected on the wall. As a contrast to the religious feel of Capella Johannea, and the artsy vibes of The French Saloon, we wanted to present a more minimalistic side of ETE. Already on the table the evening’s second pre-course: Mussels in shells with salsa and and choclo corn and fried cassava with dips.

Well seated Mia and Øystein greets our guests welcome, tells a little about the consept of ETE and introduces Steffen Oftedal, the owner of White Light Studios. The location was once a dairy factory, but when Steffen discovered it it was not much more than a dilapidated building. He soon got the permission to take over the contract, and White Light Studios originated. Today White Light houses 3 studios, kitcken facilities, and stands as one of the best photo and film studios in Oslo. 


Peruvian food is all about sharing and interaction between friends and family. Of course we love this idea, so all foods (except the dessert) is served on large plates.

First main course:

- One classic ceviche with Coalfish, corn, sweet potato, red onion, cilantro, leche de tigre, sweet potato chips.

- And a second cheviche with callops ceviche, Purple corn, two types of sea weed, sweet potato, shallots and parsley.

Second main course:

- Quino salat: Queso fresco (homemade fresh cheese), fava beans, avocado, tomato, cilantro, miso dressing,

- skewers with beef: Marinated with chili and spices, dipping sauce and

- Salmon tiradito: Asia leche de tigre, spring onion, red onion, tomato, fried wonton, cilantro, pickled ginger.


During the dessert, a fresh passion fruit mousse, a mystical brunette sneaks inn through the studio and starts to gear up the bar. Shakers, lime, salts and spices. The joker is Anne Maurseth from No 19 Cocktail bar, and she is even equipped with a smoke gun.

By now our guests are perfectly comfortable. The music is pouring through the loud speakers, and Martin Chambis photo is replaced by the 1997 Hong Kong movie Happy Together (Wong Kar Wai) . As a last treat to top the evening, Anne mixes two specially made drinks for this social bunch. 

The dinner turns into a small party, people lounging and lauging, only to be sendt into the night when the movie credits roll down the wall. On their way to some more saturday fun! 

All photos by Brian Olguin

All photos by Brian Olguin


  • Piscoteket and chef Mattias Svenselius for the lovely food! 

  • White Light Studios for the use of the studios!

  • Anne Maurseth and No. 19 Cocktail Bar for the magnificent drinks!

  • Silje R. Høibjerg for assistance in the kitchen! 

  • Podium Wines for guidance on the wine menu! 

  • Brian Olguin for the smashing photos!