Ete + Green Bonanza + Restaurant Day

In the beginning, before Ete Supper Club fused into the food scene of Oslo,  founders Mari, Ingvild and Øystein shared a workspace at the tip of Grünerløkka. Back in the days we just simply called it ”Kontoret” (The Office), and to many of us it was the first big step towards grown up life. Spring of 2016 is the last of “Kontoret”, unfortunately. It has been six great years!


Anything could happen at “Kontoret”, so on the 21. November, on Restaurant day, we teamed up with also-member Mia Frogner, to serve a dish from her beloved Green Bonanza blog, the much sought after, wintery warm, vegan lentil soup! Torkjell also joined in and served plenty of portions to hungry people.

Almost a hundred portions were prepared and served in the tiny, but flexible office space by Ms. Green Bonanza, only with the assistance of a few co-members from ETE.

We felt it was a proper send off, a small L'Ultima Cena for “Kontoret”. The last supper, as depicted by Da Vinci, only this time, our skillful photographer Morten Harnang was to be credited.

You’re right, it obviously wasn’t an event of biblical proportions. (We already did that sort of thing, as our first event tok place in a chapel in Majorstua kirke) But our guests did at least share some bread this time! One of ETEs core beliefs is that eating and drinking is a fundamentally social happening, and that it ought to include and embrace different people in a given (and giving!) context.

And with people we also mean children, of course! Kids can be hard to satisfy when it comes to food, but not this time around: ”Can I have another one?”, one of them asked. Over and over again.

That is the reason why we make an effort with ETE, we try to inspire, include and put that smile on people’s faces.




At this years ØKOUKA (eco week) Ete Supper Club teamed up with the former Berlin-bound people at Hendrix Ibsen for an all-ecological coffee event. 


Together with Kristian from Hendrix Ibsen we staged out a low-key evening for 32 people. We wanted this to be a social event, so along with the coffee menu, we had created a coffee bingo and people were seated at four large tables. From the stereo swirled vinyl tunes from the 60s and 70s. 

The menu: 
Varied beans // Langøra Kaffebrenneri // Fruity with a hint of chocolate 

Beans: Linie S // Langøra Kaffebrenneri // Aromas, herbs and spices, hint of lime. Long and bold after taste. 

Beans: local types // Supreme Roastworks // Sweet, juicy and balanced, with hints of fruit.  Mandarin acidity with a fresh aftertaste

Beans: Sidamo Heirloom // Langøra Kaffebrenneri // Aroma of jasmine, bergamot, apricot and honey. Clean and floral. 

Beans: Sidamo Heirloom // Langøra Kaffebrenneri // Aroma of jasmine, bergamot, apricot and honey. Clean and floral. 


Along every coffee we served a small snack. Nibbles we though would go well along with the aromas and smells of the different coffees. 

This beeing ecological week in Oslo, we were proud to have Alec from Nordic Approach at our event. He learned us a great deal about what "eco" means for the farmer in the different parts of the world. How the farming goes about, how an ecological coffee tree looks like compared to non-eco trees. How hard it is to survive as an eco-coffee farmer if you get the harmfull coffee rust on the trees. Alec also raised an important question about the eco-label itself: For whom is it for? For the heavy coffee drinkers in the Nordic countries? For the farmers? And what about the coffee plantations that have been basically ecological from day one, like in Ethiopia - do they really need to prove their eco-status? 

- What do I do when I have bingo, a guy asks quietly on one of the tables.
- Call bingo, call bingo, the other people at his table encourages. 
- BINGO!!!! 

The bingo prize: a pack of ETIPOIA KOCHERE from Supreme Roastworks. Roasted the week before so that the flavors would we perfect for this particular day. A big applause to the winner. 

After some heavy tasting and talking, it was about time for a surprise. We in Ete Supper Club love surprises, and we especially love it when it involves our guests. Dressed in white shirts with coffee stains, the dance-trio of Borch-Floen-Holte enters the room and presents the world premiere of  coffee clubbing: Twenty minutes of heavy dancing, heart beats and caffeine shake offs. And can we just say wow - that felt sooo good!!!



YME // 07.03.2015 // Who wouldn't fancy some fresh veggies?

Perhaps it's true it was the boldest combination of food and location yet, but we knew it had enormous potential to make the most interesting social dining event in ETEs short, but rich history, spanning almost an year worth of unique events. On 7th of March Ethics met Aesthetics – on a table set for 28.

A perfect evening with ETE hinges on whether the characteristics of the surroundings work well together with the food. We take much pleasure into finding the perfect and innovative combination of gastronomic identity and unusual scenery. Nonetheless, one might argue pairing the location of Oslo's most in-demand fashion boutique YME with much sought after vegan chefs of Funky Fresh Foods is a weird piece of matchmaking. One might also think most vegans are anti-fashion industry, and that fashionistas don't really eat much, so what's the point?

But then you'd have to eat your hipster hat, cause that's obviously simplifying the matter and underestimating the beauty of colourful veggies, which sure can be really vogue if you know how to cut and stich them together. And that’s definitely and underestimation of the contributions of aesthetics, arts and architecture towards these type of events that are ETE, too!

This pairing had definitely laid the foundation for a high-end social eating experience this evening, both pleasing the aesthetically and ethically oriented, the tandem goers and the curious lone wolves alike.

Even before our dear guests showed up, the fine-tuned ETE machinery started to click and clack. Almost in no time, after closing hours, the ETE crew had prepared and reset the scenery at YMEs third story floor, tables set and all. Old-fashioned customers were soon to be replaced with a flock of hungry hearts dressed up in nice costumes.

So, while a small, but virtuoso band of gastronomic expertise in the kitchen were steaming vegetables on full throttle, our dear guests met unknowingly in the middle of Tullinløkka, just a few blocks away.

All photos by Eivind von Døhlen

All photos by Eivind von Døhlen

There, in the gusty and dimly lit park, it seemed somewhat scary for one to introduce to one another. The slight social angst is a quite a normal, albeit passing, state of mind, and were hopefully mildened by our welcoming greetings and the first pre-course; an coco crunch delight on thin wooden sticks from Funky Fresh chefs. Some guests even brought the sharp sticks with them as we strolled towards our hotspot, eagerly chatting and guessing locations on the way, not knowing they needn't be fighting over scraps later on, with a full five course vegan menu awaiting just around the corner.

Funky Fresh Foods started out as a indie-label-catering-and-food-event-firm, supplying outlets such as MESH, before exploding onto the rapidly evolving Oslo food scenery with their very own stylish cafe over at Doga, The Norwegian Centre for Design and Architecture. Recently appearing in Vogue magazine as a favourite choice of dining in the capitol of Norway, the woman in charge of affairs, Josefine Andrén, and chef Paulius Gasparavicius already had a strong foothold in the realm of fashion, amongst others, professing their profound beliefs in green, sustainable and animal friendly lifestyle.

YMEs universe and history is equally alluring, with the three stories tall shop in Karl Johan’s gate building on their very own creation myth of the old Norse giant Yme. The founder and creative director, Nicolai Schaanning Larsen, introduced his curated universe of fashion, art, interior and design to our guests when they arrived by boldly pointing out the rich cultural heritage within the walls. In fact, once, late in the 1900th century, the building used to host a intriguing brothel, no less.


Once having finished a glass of champagne and found their place around the table inside the YME library of magazines, our guests, some vegan, some not, had nothing but praise for what was to be served initially:


Seaweed and salicornia salad

First main course

Beetroot soup with cashew soft cheese

But after indulging in a delicious soup, one must of course enjoy some of the other fine arts, right?

Following the announcement of a mid-menu break, people were gently shepherded inside a adjacent room filled with mirrors and clothing on racks. Waiting in a circle for a few tense seconds, with still nothing happening, some started looking around for clues. Then someone noticed a slightly built woman approaching from afar, slooowly dragging a huge double bass from the other side of the story floor. After engaging in a solo dance performance in the middle of the circle, an hitherto onlooking, anonymous man then took part, grabbing the double bass from the floor, interacting and accompanying the contemporary improvisations of his partner. A few spectators recognized the couple from the original group 28 guests meeting at Tullinløkka and even remembered them sitting at the table enjoying the food. The performance of Marianne Haugli, a renowned dancer, choreograph and model, and her husband, the musician Aslak Hartberg, made a long lasting impression on the audience, who just couldn't stop appraising what they just experienced in order to find their seats in time afterwards.

But that small delay didn't matter much, because downstairs in the kitchen the heat was truly on, and so the little deferment was met with no small degree of relief. Ten minutes later our guest's perhaps favourite dish of the night was being lined up:


Portobello mushroom with cashew cream, black quinoa, agar agar, enoki mushrooms, mustard sprouts and garlic chips.

Followed by an slightly more subtle, but equally fulfilling fourth dish: 


Maneesh (middle eastern flatbread) and Babaganoush (eggplant-dip), with sesame seeds, thyme and majoran


Lemon Pie with avocado and banana filling

All night the trademark ETE playlist had been playing, setting the right mood. As smiles got louder around the table, people started making new friends, and we found it appropriate to round the evening off with a special nightcap of cask matured aquavit, tonic water and lime. If you're the hat-eating type that may seem like an odd composition, but not for most of our guests, who we suspect rather appreciates the quirky combination once in a while!

Maybe we then politely anticipated our increasingly jovial guests to dissolve naturally as the evening turned to night, perhaps hoping the nightcap had it's desired sleep inducing effect. On realizing that wouldn't happen all so easily after all, we instead joined in, getting to know our guests, at least a little, before we wished them all the best around midnight.

Our brilliant chefs, Paulius and Josefine, after a long night serving our ETE-guests.


  • YME and Nicolai Schaaning Larsen for inviting us into their thrilling universe.
  • Funky Fresh Food and Josefine Andrén, Paulius Gasparavicius and Raphael for the brilliant and delicious vegan menu
  • Marianne Haugli and Aslak Hartberg for the beautiful performance.
  • Eivind von Døhlen for documenting the evening

White Light Studios // 04.10.14 // ETE goes Peruvian

On Saturday October 4th ETE brought forces together with White Light Studios and the not-yet-opened-but-already-super-popular-restaurant Piscoteket, and created a minimalistic, Peruvian night at Tøyen.

All photos by Brian Olguin

All photos by Brian Olguin

 ETE is all about secrets. We love that our guests know next to nothing about what, how and where they will spend their Saturday evening. Mysteries are a rare commodity these days. Not much goes by without being googled or cross-checked with Wikipedia. And all though we had dropped the name and genre of this night’s event, we still had some jokers up our sleeves.

- Meet up at Tøyen torg, our email said. A little behind schedule Ingvild and Mia enters the square on Tøyen torg only to find a beautiful bunch of people. Well dressed and already chatting along. Suck a reassuring checkpoint of the evening. Our lateness was to be blamed on our first serving for the evening: Tamales, classic Peruvian street food in form of bread baked in corn leafs. They just wouldn’t go with the clock, those tamales.  


Tøyen is known for it multi-ethnicity and diverse population. Not necessarily for its many restaurants, but still, if you take a stroll though this part of Oslo, you are guaranteed the smell of passionate cocking and worldly scents. You might even be invited in for dinner.

 Our long stretched table is this time situated in a large photo studio with six-meter high walls. Thirty seating’s are lid up by 50 floating lights, creating an intimate sphere in the white box. A large image of the legendary Peruvian photographer Martin Chambi is projected on the wall. As a contrast to the religious feel of Capella Johannea, and the artsy vibes of The French Saloon, we wanted to present a more minimalistic side of ETE. Already on the table the evening’s second pre-course: Mussels in shells with salsa and and choclo corn and fried cassava with dips.

Well seated Mia and Øystein greets our guests welcome, tells a little about the consept of ETE and introduces Steffen Oftedal, the owner of White Light Studios. The location was once a dairy factory, but when Steffen discovered it it was not much more than a dilapidated building. He soon got the permission to take over the contract, and White Light Studios originated. Today White Light houses 3 studios, kitcken facilities, and stands as one of the best photo and film studios in Oslo. 


Peruvian food is all about sharing and interaction between friends and family. Of course we love this idea, so all foods (except the dessert) is served on large plates.

First main course:

- One classic ceviche with Coalfish, corn, sweet potato, red onion, cilantro, leche de tigre, sweet potato chips.

- And a second cheviche with callops ceviche, Purple corn, two types of sea weed, sweet potato, shallots and parsley.

Second main course:

- Quino salat: Queso fresco (homemade fresh cheese), fava beans, avocado, tomato, cilantro, miso dressing,

- skewers with beef: Marinated with chili and spices, dipping sauce and

- Salmon tiradito: Asia leche de tigre, spring onion, red onion, tomato, fried wonton, cilantro, pickled ginger.


During the dessert, a fresh passion fruit mousse, a mystical brunette sneaks inn through the studio and starts to gear up the bar. Shakers, lime, salts and spices. The joker is Anne Maurseth from No 19 Cocktail bar, and she is even equipped with a smoke gun.

By now our guests are perfectly comfortable. The music is pouring through the loud speakers, and Martin Chambis photo is replaced by the 1997 Hong Kong movie Happy Together (Wong Kar Wai) . As a last treat to top the evening, Anne mixes two specially made drinks for this social bunch. 

The dinner turns into a small party, people lounging and lauging, only to be sendt into the night when the movie credits roll down the wall. On their way to some more saturday fun! 

All photos by Brian Olguin

All photos by Brian Olguin


  • Piscoteket and chef Mattias Svenselius for the lovely food! 

  • White Light Studios for the use of the studios!

  • Anne Maurseth and No. 19 Cocktail Bar for the magnificent drinks!

  • Silje R. Høibjerg for assistance in the kitchen! 

  • Podium Wines for guidance on the wine menu! 

  • Brian Olguin for the smashing photos! 


National Gallery // 14.06.14 // A Night at the Museum

On Saturday July 14th ETEs guests were - in all secrecy - guided to The French Salon at The National Museum in Oslo. In cooperation with both the museum and chef Isabella Lösch Danneborg we had planned an evening out of the ordinary.

All photos by Morten Harnang.

All photos by Morten Harnang.

Like on our opening night in Capella Johannea we kept our guests from knowing where the event would actually take place. Our 24 guests were told to meet in front of the Norwegian Parliament building, where they were greeted with cold gazpacho in small cups. All while tourists and the inhabitants of Oslo rushed past, wondering what this was all about.

Central Oslo are full of potential places! Walking to our destination, speculations were flowing in all directions. And as we’re finally about to ascend the stairs of The National Gallery, we sensed a collective gasp among our guests; We knew we had succeeded in our secrecy - again.


The National Museum holds, preserves, exhibits, and promotes public knowledge about, Norway's most extensive collections of art, architecture and design. The National Gallery - established in 1837 - is one of the museums several venues. In addition to a collection which mainly emphasise on Norwegian paintings and sculptures from the 19th century, The National Gallery also holds an extensive collection of paintings by international artists.

The foyer of The National Gallery was where our guests were greeted and served small sandwiches and cups of green tea punch. And just as we hoped, countless variants of wow!  were whispered when entering the sumptuous French Salon. On the grand table, Anette Krogstad’s beautiful small ceramic bowls were filled with beet roots, rye bread, horseradish cream, salt and pepper - just a hint of what to come.

With its polished marbled stucco and gilded ornamentation, the French Salon is one of the National Gallery’s most sumptuous rooms. Originally designed by Arnstein Arneberg in 1924, the French Salon was restyled by interior designer Kristin Jarmund in 2002. The room’s name and design reflect its original purpose, which was to house a rich collection of plaster copies of French 17th and 18th century sculptures, a gift from the French state.

Chef Isabella had prepared a delicious five course dinner for the guests, and was eager to share what the two starters were all about. First up was a tartar of tuna served with quail eggs, beet roots, horseradish cream and rye bread.

Our guests seemed to enjoy both the food and the company. As for most Supper Clubs, the social aspect is important. We sensed a lively atmosphere on the rise...

Next up were scallops on a salad sauce vert, beautifully arranged on Anette Krogstads large ceramic tiles.


How many of us can say that they’ve experienced a private guided tour of The National Gallery - on a late saturday evening -  in the middle of a five course dinner? Guide Ingvild Hammervold invited our guests up the majestic stairs into the gallery. With her charisma and warmth in her way of communicating, the works of art were complemented with a new dimension. The tour started with Norway’s greatest artists within the Romantic Nationalism period, before the main theme of the evening: the world of Christian Krogh and the Kristiania Bohemians.

After the grand tour, our guests were ready for more of Isabellas delicious menu. It was time to serve the main course; Cod loins in a reduction of saffron, tomato and Pernod. Sprinkled with romanesco, jerusalem artichoke chips and sun dried olives.


The conversations were flowing, and just like last time we are relieved to hear all the laughter, the cheerful voices and glasses clinking from our place at the kitchen and back room. Chef Isabella and Anette has everything in control in the kitchen. Their teamwork and energy is admirable. Nothing is left to chance, everything is well thought through, nothing is cooked a second too long. As they lay their finishing touch on the colorful courses laid out on Anettes beautiful ceramic tiles, their sense of aesthetics are striking.

It’s time for desserts. And the first dessert is Isabellas passion: Cheese. Different cheeses are served accompanied with honey, nuts and quince marmalade.

Lastly it was time for the sweet finale. And as a tradition, both the chef, assistants and the ETE team joined in around the table. And what a treat it was: Chocolate mousse with a sorbet of sea-buckthorn. Decorated with edible flowers. We couldn´t have asked for more.


The artist Christian Krogh and the Kristiana Bohemians had 9 commandments. One of them said: You should never regret. A fitting commandment to remember from an evening where one dived in with curiousness and an open mind, an experience that can never be recreated, new acquaintances across a long table which only appeared for a few hours, a handful of pictures that can be shown to them who didn’t experience this evening, because every ETE Supper Club is unique - who knows what happens next time?



  • The National Museum, Chef Isabella Løsch Danneborg and artist and assistant Anette Krogstad. For giving us the opportunity to host a dinner at the fabulous National Gallery, an unforgettable guided tour, a magnificent dinner and beautiful ceramics to present the menu.
  • Fiskeriet. For the super-fresh seafood
  • Rørosmeieret. For the organic high quality dairy products 
  • Podium Wines. For expert guidance on the wine menu and for lovely ecological dessert wine. 
  • Morten Harnang. For all the beautiful pictures

Capella Johannea // 29.04.14 // Opening night

We wanted to make the first event with ETE supper club a memorable evening. Our grand vision is to create social dinners, where good people enjoy good food in untraditional settings. And where beautiful table settings, cool soundtracks and perfectly dimmed lights – as well as the food – bring people closer to each other.

Memorable it was; we staged out our very first supper club in a church!

Skjermbilde 2014-04-07 kl. 23.03.15.png

A long table stretches across the floor. Above, a large chandelier shining warm light over the minimalistic tablesetting. Green carnations and thistle reminds us of the sprouting season we are about to enter.

Checking the time, checking Instagram (hey…@etesupperclub). We were all nervous and stoked at the same time. 

Minutes before 19:00 our guests started showing up at Majorstuen Torg. Smiling, full of anticipation and with bottles of wine along for the ride. Greeted with homemade green kale chips (which took 3 hours due to vast amounts), the guests mingle among each other.

-       How many people will there be?

-       Where is it?

-       What will be served?

Many-a-questions and not so many answers, the crowd is led up Kirkeveien. Past McDonalds (of course), nibbling green snacks and getting new friends.  

A few minutes later we cross the streets, climb the small stairs and enter Majorstuen church. Our guests don’t quite know what to expect.

Coats are hung and wines are put in coolers. Curious and maybe even a little skeptic our guests are led into one of Oslo’s hidden gems. Capella Johannea, a small chapel with arc ceiling, all covered in frescos from the book of revelations. Per Vigeland – the brother of Gustav Vigeland – performed this work inspired by the Sistine Chapel in Rome. Sparkling welcome drinks travel throughout the room.

Seated and welcomed our own ETE-member, and chef on the first event, Julie Chiku brings up the first dish: halibut ceviche, marinated in freshly squeezed lime, served with spring onions, radishes and salmon roe. Fellow foodies find each other over shared plates.

 Including Julies assistant, Asta, we are eight people on duty at this first event. Øystein is the butler for the evning, Torkjell runs inn and out with water and wines, Ingvild and Mia jugles serving and cleaning, Stephan assists in the kitchen (with a mean handle on the oysters!), and Mari makes sure the schedule is being held.

To our great comfort, the guests are picking up small talk like pros – from our headquater in the basement we hear laughter and cutlery rattle. After two days of heavy preparation we breathe a sigh of relief and make several toasts between the dishes. High five to ETE!

- Not only do we have a great cook today, we also have a great singer at the table, Øystein says. Linnea Dale is about to impress heavily doing three of her own songs – one them taking her to the MGP finals in Norway.

Her voice fills the chapel, enchanting everyone of us.

Cool Fine de Claire oysters are brought up from the kitchen. Each guest are handed one – some try oyster for the very first time.  

Shortly followed by the main course, a dinner salad with red and green fresh salads, puy lentils, haricot verts, shallots, skjørost-cheese, hot smoked salmon and pomegranate kernels. Accompanied by mustard vinaigrette.

By the time for the dessert, the ETE-crew is more than ready to join in on the table. We thank the guests for coming, for the good food by Julie and for the help of her lovely assistant, Asta. 

You can check out all of the mouth watering recipes her

All photos by Torunn Brånå

All photos by Torunn Brånå