Presenting: Julie Chiku

Julie Chiku. Foto: Maja Hattvang Larsen.

Julie Chiku. Foto: Maja Hattvang Larsen.

- It's going to be amaaazing!, says Julie Chiku. Not only is she a part of ETE, she is also starring as our first chef on our opening night March 29th 2014.

Julie runs her own catering business and is a passionate food-blogger. She even had her own TV show about baking last Christmas.

Julie has always been interested in food and cooking, but when she was challenged with different food allergies some time ago, it got a real boost.  - I wanted to cook the same delicious food without substituting ingredients with not-so-good replacement products, so I was forced to cook everything from scratch. The benefits were a much healthier and more tasteful diet, says Julie.

Healthy food without compromising taste, is Julie’s trademark. And she stresses the use of quality ingredients:  - I think I have gone back to the roots when it comes to cooking. I’m definitely a “nordic” cook and I try to use the best seasonal ingredients. That said, Julie finds inspiration in every type of kitchens and cultures. - Right now I’m in a Viet/Thai mode and I crave for Phô every day. I need to learn how to make it myself. I also love simple italian and french food.

Julie is excited to be a part of ETE Supper Club and the opening night: - I’m so looking forward to be a part of something new and exciting with the ETE concept. Hopefully I’ll witness people bonding over my food, regardless of background and interests. Just for the love of food.

Check out Julie’s food-blog at and her Instagram-feed @chikujenta.