Introducing the Secret Chef of June 14th

the secret chef

- I look forward to the opportunity to surprise, I hope, with something that will be a feast, both for the palate and the eye, says ETEs next chef. This time our chef will remain a well hidden secret until the ETE-evening June 14th. To reveal her identity would be to reveal the location...

ETEs secret chef comes from a family with a passion for food; Hotel owners, owners of a deli shop and even a catering service. - My mother always made everything from scratch. There were never any shop-meals in our home, and I think that has influenced me a lot, she says with a smile. And like her family, she also works with her greatest interest - food.

Finding inspiration in a lot of different food cultures, her favorites are the Mediterranean and the Middle-East kitchen. - Seafood is my favorite and I love vegetables, says ETEs secret chef, well aware that she might have revealed something.

- With ETE Supper Club I may go totally ego, and make something that is through and through according to my tastes and preferences. I am very anxious to find out if my preferences are the same as our guests, which I hope they are, says our chef.

Well, ETE is quite certain. It´s going to be a feast! A mouthwatering one.