March 7th 2015 // Funky Fresh

At ETE's first event in 2015 we have hooked up with the good people at Funky Fresh  - one of the few restaurants and cafés in Oslo with a fully vegan and raw food concept. You will find them at DogA along the Akerselva, where they've been since the summer of 2014.

What is the Funky Fresh concept about?

We want sustainable food to be easy accessible and to taste great. At Funky Fresh we do that through our restaurants, catering and events - by teaching cooking classes all over Norway and by publishing cooking books.

What led you into the vegan cooking scene?

We were led by the fact that vegan food is the most sustainable option when it comes to both the environment, health, animal rights and - no doubt about it - even the social rights. However, to choose vegan should not be a sacrifice, but a choice that is both delicious and exciting.

Can you tell us about the team for the ETE-evening March 7th?

On our ETE-evening we want to show that vegan cooking is at least as good as any meat dinner. We can truly say that we put our raw material in focus. Our inspirations for the ETE-menu some of the most meaty vegetables we know, such as seaweed, mushrooms and eggplant. We look forward to present vegan cooking at it´s best.

What would be the best thing that food and drink can add to a social gathering?

I would say that without food and drinks, there is no such thing as social gathering